Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Off-Season

Now that the IronBruin is over, it's time for my off- season. Huh? An off-season starting in March? Isn't that when most people come back from their off-season? Yes but until the end of January I was training for a March triathlon. When that fell through I immediately went into triathlon mode. All done, time for a break. I'll get back into triathlon training mode (read: the pool) in June.

So...what now? Well, among other things, with all the personal turmoil I had last year, I did hardly any long rides so I would like to do a bunch of those. No organized long rides (well, maybe one). Just me on my own, unless anybody out there wants to join me.

Among the cycling "projects" I have planned are: my first road race, getting introduced to track cycling, riding part of stage 5 of the ATOC the day of the race, going over Little Tujunga in both directions in one ride, and this beauty: 100+ miles and 9500+ feet of climbing. Ouch. I call it "Aliso-2-Little Tujunga". It's not that I can't do hills, I'm just slow.

On the running side of things, I am going to take a couple of weeks completely off. Then I will just do some maintenance runs for about a month. By that time my Run Less, Run Faster book will have arrived and I can plan my new and improved workouts (since my last plan demonstrably had problems).

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Brent said...

I am a brother Clyde. Keep pumping away, you are doing fine. I am doing Oceanside in 2 saturdays!!