Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From a Lake Swim to a River Ride

Today I had my appointment at a sports medicine clinic for my shoulder. We started off with X-Rays but didn't see anything bad. Apparently I had a pretty good right shoulder injury "a long time ago" but the only one I can remember happened to my left shoulder. At least I think it was my left shoulder. Hmm. Anyway, I am going to do some physical therapy for my shoulders (one block from work--sweet!) and have a follow-up appointment in five weeks. The doctor also recommended that I check out Total Immersion to help me to change my stroke so it doesn't put so much stress on my shoulders. DVD is on the way.

So, with the rest I need to give my shoulders and the change to my stroke, I have decided to skip my planned (but not signed up for) June triathlon and, instead, do the Los Angeles River Ride for either 70 or 100 miles. The nice thing is that I will get to do it with a friend(s), which is a welcome change to my (always) solo rides.

Since I can't swim twice a week, I might as well get in two hill rides a week, right? This morning's was great! I left on time, for a change, so I was able to get in four laps instead of the usual three. Felt really strong, too. I do need to turn the cadence alarm back on, though, because I find myself slacking when I still have the energy to go faster.

My Blackburn Flea front light, the one that was replaced just a few weeks ago, is already showing signs of going bad. What the heck is up with these lights? The rear light is awesome. The front lights, though, have sucked. I am going to call the Blackburn folks tomorrow and see what's going on. I want a working light but I also don't want to lose another two weeks of hill workouts.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Creeping Decrepitude

Let's run down this week's list, shall we?:

On Tuesday, as I was walking on the pool deck and about to get in, I stepped on a bee and it stung me. I was actually surprised by how much it didn't hurt.

After a 300 warm up my right shoulder hurt so much that I had to stop and get out of the pool. I have an appointment at a sports medicine clinic this Tuesday. Since it was a gradual thing I am hoping that rest and some shoulder exercises will fix it up.

This week I have been having a weird, dull pain in my lower back. Last night I could tell it was bordering on being really painful. Also last night I somehow made my left knee sore. Must have twisted it the wrong way but I wasn't really doing anything last night. I any event, this morning's run has been cancelled.

Like I have taught my children, listen to your body. If your body is telling you to not run, listen to it. However, I have a 40-mile ride planned for tomorrow so my body better get with the program by then. ;-)

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Heat Is On

Without a doubt, that was the worst "run" of my life, and I use the term "run" loosely.

Had a great ride on Saturday. The weather is warming up so I got to shed all my layers at the halfway point, even the toe covers. Averaged 15mph on a 40-mile ride (that's with hills and stoplights). Had an okay ride on Sunday. My 29-mile loop but I could tell I was still tired from Saturday. The Woodley hills were no fun. I was passed by a runner going up Little Woodley but I passed some walkers right after that. Amusing.

I had the bright idea to do a 5k run after Sunday's ride. It turns out that that was a stupid idea. Sunday was even warmer than Saturday and I didn't start my run until around 11. It wasn't much of a run. More of a walk, actually. It was possibly the worst run in history.

I learned that I need to do some workouts in heat but they will be done on the bike. I learned that if I am going to bike and run on the same day (not in a race), the run must come first. I learned that I need to take hydration seriously because drinking water in the winter is not the same as drinking water in the summer. I also may need to re-think my not eating before longer rides.

It's days like Sunday that keep me humble about my training progress.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Recovery Is Complete

With today's two-hour ride, I pronounce myself cured of last week's cold. It was an easy but not too easy 29-mile ride. Felt good but I ended up taking two naps afterwards. These post-ride naps, while nice, are really trashing my post-workout productivity.

I did a run yesterday. I've decided that I really need to start aiming to run each week. Some weeks I won't be able to but better to miss a weekly run than a bi-weekly run, which is what's happening now. That and I am not making any progress so it's time to try something new.

So now that I'm cured it'll be back to the pool on Tuesday and Thursday. My light came back so I can do my hill workouts Wednesday mornings. Looks like I have sixty eight miles of rides planned for next weekend. Yep, back on track.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It Turns Out That I Was Sick

I went back into work Tuesday and found that three of my co-workers were sick over the weekend, one with my same symptoms. Looks like I was sick after all so no swim on Tuesday, no hill ride on Wednesday (too bad because I got my light back), probably no swim on Thursday, and a very easy bike ride on Friday (I have it off) and maybe Sunday, too. I don't think a run this weekend is such a smart idea, either. I'm big on giving illness plenty of rest.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Don't Think I'm Sick

Yesterday's plan was simple: an easy two hour ride. Except for the two Woodleys, I did take it easy. I was even passed by a guy that normally wouldn't have caught me and, even if he did, I wouldn't have let him get away from me. But it was easy day so I let him go. I came in several minutes slower than usual. Easy day.

I quickly fueled up, showered and shaved, took my daughter to a concert, had some lunch, and came back home. I was pretty tired so I went to take a nap. I woke up some three hours later and I thought I had the flu. Funny thing, though: I had all the aches and fatigue of the flu but none of the other symptoms. No runny nose, coughing, or congestion. Just way tired. I spent much of the remainder of the day/evening in bed reading or sleeping.

I woke up today less tired and a bit less sore and still no other symptoms. Very odd. Perhaps I am fighting off some nasty cold. In any event, no run or bike today, that's for sure. Combine this with my lousy swim workout last Thursday and I am going to re-think what an "easy" swim workout is. I think it involves slow 100-200 yard sets, reduced yardage, and no sprint sets. Easy week in the pool this week.