Monday, April 20, 2009

The Heat Is On

Without a doubt, that was the worst "run" of my life, and I use the term "run" loosely.

Had a great ride on Saturday. The weather is warming up so I got to shed all my layers at the halfway point, even the toe covers. Averaged 15mph on a 40-mile ride (that's with hills and stoplights). Had an okay ride on Sunday. My 29-mile loop but I could tell I was still tired from Saturday. The Woodley hills were no fun. I was passed by a runner going up Little Woodley but I passed some walkers right after that. Amusing.

I had the bright idea to do a 5k run after Sunday's ride. It turns out that that was a stupid idea. Sunday was even warmer than Saturday and I didn't start my run until around 11. It wasn't much of a run. More of a walk, actually. It was possibly the worst run in history.

I learned that I need to do some workouts in heat but they will be done on the bike. I learned that if I am going to bike and run on the same day (not in a race), the run must come first. I learned that I need to take hydration seriously because drinking water in the winter is not the same as drinking water in the summer. I also may need to re-think my not eating before longer rides.

It's days like Sunday that keep me humble about my training progress.

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