Monday, November 3, 2008

20 Down, Heading Towards 30

Did my first 20-mile ride on Sunday and it turned out to be pretty easy. I bet I could have gone 30 miles but I need to go up gradually. I went up my two hills and when I got out of the saddle I only had to sit down once each time. That's progress. I even did a warm-down by riding a couple of miles with my daughter after I finished the ride. Looks like I'm definitely ready for the Pasadena Marathon Bike Tour. It's starts at 6am on the 16th, then I join other volunteers at 10am handing out medals at the finish line of the marathon itself.

Bicyling Magazine has this neat route map creator where you can easily map out a run, bike, hike or whatever. Once you're done it calculates distance, elevation gains and losses, and you can share your route with the world. Here is my usual route:

Later that day I went to Izzy Cycles in Sunland. They've been there for about a year but I haven't needed to get into bike gear until recently so I never went in. It's a nice little shop. Not too much to shop for, though I did buy a copy of Road Bike Action Magazine, which I hadn't seen before, and I did see a little toolthing for later. I'm thinking it could be the place to go for repairs. John recommended a twentysomething-mile route that I may just try in a few weeks. It has an incline that is much bigger than what I am used to so it should be quite an pain. Look for a report in the future.

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