Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Burn, Baby, Burn

I have built up a decent level of fitness by cycling and swimming the past few months. Not great, but okay. However, I have a few months to go before I start jogging in February. The main reason for holding off until February was so I could drop some weight to make running less stressful on my joints. The weight is starting to come off but not fast enough. It occurred to me today that I really need to up the fat-burning now before February gets here. I don't know how much fat is being burned from swimming--I'm guessing a bit but because the workouts are only 40 minutes, it probably is not much. That leaves cycling. Fortunately I live in Southern California, which means I can cycle outdoor year-round. Working with the Los Angeles Bike Map and the Map Maker I now have, in theory, 10-, 20-, 25-, 30-, and 35-mile rides all mapped out. That should do for the next few days :-). I'm thinking I have to be doing over 2-hour rides to really get the fat-burning going. I will be getting some hill work in, enough for the race courses I am preparing for, at least. I can always do more hill work later but I have to work on the weight reduction now before I start running.

As I ride the new routes and make any adjustments I will post the maps here. They might even have pictures with them, who knows?

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