Friday, March 6, 2009


They posted the seeding for Sunday's triathlon and I don't start until 58 minutes after the first competitor. Yes, I'll be starting after other people have finished. The bad news is that the bike course might be a bit crowded. The good news is that since, this is my first tri, I'll be able to learn by watching people doing the swim, transitions, and cycling before I have to go, with plenty of time to warm up for everything.

With the time change the night before the race, it's going to be a bit chilly in the morning. This is making me re-think my decision to not wear a swim cap. I don't need one for swimming but I think I want one for cycling. What? Well, do I really want to be cycling down that first hill at 30mph in possibly forty-something degree weather with wet hair. I'm thinking maybe not.

Still feeling my calves. We'll see.

I'm going to start packing my transition bag tonight, following a checklist I have. I read a suggestion that you do that at least two days before the race so if you notice you've forgotten something you still have a day to pick it up.

Tomorrow is a nice, easy day. Go to a concert downtown with my daughter, then drive to Santa Monica to pick up my packet, then back home. Dinner is an easy one to make so I can relax for that, too. Feet up, read the newly-arrive Triathlete magazine, and rest up.

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