Thursday, September 18, 2008


Swimming workout today was 1200 yards (I actually kept track this time--makes me wonder how much I under-counted my last workout). The big news, though, is that I did my first 100s! Two, back-to-back. Did them on the four minutes and the rest were 50s on the two minutes. Next time I need to remember to rest an extra minute when I'm done with my 100s because they really took a lot of breath out of me. I didn't take an extra minute until I was done with 800 yards and it made a big difference. If I can do four 100s next workout then I will start working on flip turns.

Went to a third bike shop after work. They recommended the exact same bike: a 58cm Specialized Roubaix. Nice bike and all but do I really want to be plunking down $1300 for a bike right now?

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