Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking the Plunge

Today I did lap swimming for the first time in over 25 years. Afterwards I felt pretty good...and by "pretty good" I mean "thought I was going to be sick". I've taken up jogging after long layoffs before, so I know what that feels like. Same for cycling. This is my first time getting back into swimming. Back when I joined the swim team when I was 11 or 12, I barely even knew how to swim. I left competitive swimming with my last water polo season in the fall of 1979. Except for a few laps in college, I haven't swum laps since. Now you have some context.

It's a low-pressure pool. I mean, I was the fastest swimmer in the far. Low pressure. I started off doing a 50 in 50. Then another and another. I started doing them on the 2 minutes, then the 3, then the 4. After that I did some 25s on the minute. One more 50 and I was done. I was too tired to keep track of how much I swam but it was probably 600 yards. Not bad but man, do I feel funky. I expect my arms and chest to be sore tomorrow.

I think this set-up will work well. Take off from work at 12:30, hit the pool around 20 minutes later, swim until 1:30, get back to work and grab a quick lunch. I'll just swim once next week (unless Tuesday's workout doesn't wipe me out) and then, hopefully, I can do Tuesdays and Thursdays after that.

Funny observation is that I need to buy a new combination lock. The one I used I can't read the numbers on anymore. Ah, middle age.

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