Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Goals, Goals, and More Goals

The nice thing about having a year training plan is that your progress can be slow and you will still make your goals, as long as your goals are do-able. I didn't want to just have end-goals, though. I wanted a plan for each month so I would now how I was doing. Here are my mini-goals for each month, leading up to my big goals in time for my races:
Sat Bike1010202020203030303030
Sun Bike1010101020202020303030
Bike/Run Brick 10/3.510/3.520/3.520/3.5

Each month's increase is not going to happen overnight. For instance, on the first of October I did not jump up to a 200-yard swim. I did a 150 and the following week I'll do a 200. Same for the bike. I am not going to have my last ride of November be 10 miles and my first ride of December be 20 miles. I will have worked my way up to 20 by December.

I think this is a pretty conservative schedule and I may have to adjust things along the way. For instance, if I am progressing really well I might want to turn my Sunday rides into specialized workouts (e.g. hills, one-leg pedalling, etc.). This is a good start, though, and it looks very do-able while still giving me flexibility.

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