Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Swim Workouts at the 600 Mark

I just wanted to record what my swimming workouts are like these days:

2x50 warmup
1x600 (or whatever the long distance du jour is)
4x50 @ 1:15 (I'm coming in at about :42 these days so a bit over :30 rest)
1x100 (coming in around 1:30)
4x50 @ 1:15
4x50 @ 1:15
1x50 almost sprint (about :38)
1x50 cool down

That's how I get in almost a mile of swimming in under 45 minutes on my lunch break.

Next week I will do 700 yards for the long swim on Tuesday. I'll probably do it on Thursday, too, but I want to spend much of that day working on flip turns. If I have the lungs for them (and that is not guaranteed, believe me) I think they'd be fun to do at UCLA. I nearly did one during my "almost sprint" but my breathing was wrong as I approached the wall so I chickened out. I'll be mindful of the breathing next time.

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