Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ring Around UCLA

After my run this morning (and the less said about that the better) I headed over to UCLA to ride the triathlon course bike route. What fun it's going to be. Once you get out of T1 you have about 30 yards to clip/strap in before you turn into the second half of the route's steepest descent. A slight up, then a short, steep up which gets less steep quickly. Still, you want to redline this hill because once you crest it's downhill and flat for quite a ways. Just when you're getting cocky from all those downhills and fast turns you've been making, a steep uphill shows up. No problem, you can see where it flattens out, right? No, that's just a turn, the hill keeps going and going. Once that crests you go right into the beginning of that steep descent. I predict a lot of passing on the downhills because it's going to freak a bunch of people out, which should make some of those turns pretty interesting. Four laps of this course (I did three today). It's gonna be great.

One note about this morning's run. I am wondering if this cramping (actually exhaustion) of my tibialis is due to poor running technique. I'm slow and heavy right now so I'm not so much running as I am shuffling along. Maybe if I kicked my foot up a bit higher after pushing off I wouldn't need to use my tibialis to lift the front of my foot up so much. I have strong hamstrings so I don't have to worry about those wearing out. Initial results are promising but it looks like I'm going to have to do another run next weekend to know more. I was hoping to avoid a run next week so this may be just a short two-miler.

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