Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Swimming Into the Wall

As with my cycling last month, I have reached a point in swimming where I can't just keep adding yards and swim hard all the time. On today's workout I could tell pretty quickly that I was going to be too tired to finish my planned 650yd long swim so I just did 400. Funny thing, though, is that when I did my sets of 50 my times were consistently 40 seconds. That's not so remarkable (unless you're 11) but just last week I was doing them in 43 seconds and today I wasn't trying to go especially fast. Odd. Even my hundred time was 1:28, which was a couple of seconds faster than last week. Odd. I was running out of gas towards the end so I only did 1400 yards today.

This Thursday I'll do an easy workout and work on those flip turns. That will coincide with my long ride this weekend. After that I will need to figure out how to cycle my swim workouts along with my cycling workouts. That's a good thing, though.

I am starting to get tired of being cold. If I wasn't working out it wouldn't bother me because I'd just bundle up and that would be that. However, swimming in the cold. Swimming in the rain. Riding at 6:30am. Riding at 5:15am (tomorrow). I can hardly wait to be sweating like a pig during my workouts...except for swimming, of course. I whine too much.

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