Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Morning Santa Clarita!

I made it into Santa Clarita Saturday morning. I wasn't sure exactly how long the route I had planned was but I figured it would be at least 40 miles and if it wasn't I have ways of lengthening it. Turns out I needn't have worried. Riding into SC via Sierra Highway is quite hilly but very doable. Things were going well when I thought I might have missed a turn. I did but kept going and came across a great bike path along the Santa Clarita River. Miles of not having to worry about stoplights! On my way back there was one last hill to go back up and after 30-something miles I had to stop part way up and rest/refuel. Next time I'll make it all the way up. I made up for it by having to use the brakes to keep my speed under 32mph on the downhills during the day. I'm getting less freaked out by going fast downhill but I do have my limits. 46 miles for the day. Whew!

The day after last week's long ride I went for a 30-mile ride but that killed me so this time I only went twenty miles. Much better. However, I was still pretty tired so I didn't get some yardwork done that I wanted to. Next weekend I am not even going to attempt a Sunday ride because I really need to get our arena sprayed.

On Saturday's ride I took energy gel breaks every hour, which seemed to sustain me. I did the Gu thing but I was a bit put off to find out that they have caffeine in them. Why would I want to have a diuretic while training in 80+ degrees (we're have a heat wave down here). While searching for alternatives I came across e-Gel by Crank Sports. They have a good deal on a sampler pack so I ordered some. We'll see what happens.

I had to laugh today when Lance Armstrong posted this pic of him riding "70 kms easy" the day before the opening of the Tour Down Under (catch the coverage on Vs., it's actually pretty exciting). I do 74km and I'm wiped out for the whole weekend :-).

I have been looking for a sprint triathlon around June and I stumbled across the Redondo Beach Triathlon on June 14. Hmm.

This Wednesday evening is my first meeting for Tour of California volunteers.

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