Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's Getting Better All the Time

Thursday's swim was great. 1600 yards, including another 500. I was tempted to start doing flip turns again but I think I'll wait another couple of weeks for that. Felt really good.

Today's bike ride was also great. My 29-mile course that I previously did in 2:15 I did in 1:58. The main reason was hills. Well, that and no headwinds but mainly I'm faster up the hills. The hill up Woodley is still a killer but I stayed in the saddle again. Balboa was actually not a long torture session. I really noticed progress today.

After the ride I went to A Snail's Pace and bought some running shoes. This was the first time I've gone to a running store and had someone watch me run. I guess I was pronating a bit so the guy brought out several shoes to work with that and provide me lots of support. The fun thing was that he would ask me to run in this long hallway to check my feet and, even though it was only 15 yards or so, I never got even a little winded. Yes, I know that 5k is longer than 15 yards but it was not that long ago that a run of even that length would have gotten me somewhat winded. Not at all this time. Looks like my plan to build an aerobic base with cycling and swimming is working. I settled on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8, which was on sale. Wore them out the door and I'll wear them to work on Monday and Wednesday to get used to them. Next Sunday will be my first run.

I saw a site mentioned in one of the BT forums: Wetsuits I wasn't going to buy a wetsuit this season but I've been thinking that I'm going to want to start doing open-water swims in May or June and I'm not convinced the water is going to be all that warm then. That and the L.A. Triathlon has moved to October and I don't know that the water is going to be all that warm then, either. Anyway, this site has great deals on racing suits (really great deals) so I broke down and bought one; a Rocket Science Real Joe Sleeveless for half off. December and January seem to be quite the month for clearance sales in the triathlon world.

Going for another 29-mile ride tomorrow. Next week I'll do 35 on Saturday then the run on Sunday. That's the plan, at least. Four weeks until the Santa Clarita Half Century. Five weeks until the Iron Bruin Triathlon.

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