Friday, December 12, 2008


I swam at the Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks pool and what a difference! I could stop swimming because I was tired rather than because I was nauseous from overheating. I am so not going back to the Y. The worst part is that the pool is only a few minutes farther drive than the Y. I feel like an idiot for not at least trying the drive to be sure rather than just eyeballing it on a map. The bad news is that they are closing for winter maintenance and won't be open again until January. The good news is that my left shoulder is still sore from the last workout so I would be taking at least next week off anyway. Good stuff.

The Pasadena Marathon has been re-scheduled for March 22, which is a canny choice because that's around when the Los Angeles Marathon used to be. Since that has been changed to May, people unhappy with running a marathon in May now have the Pasadena Marathon as an alternative. As for me, I'm just in it for the bike tour.

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