Sunday, December 7, 2008

My First 50-Mile Weekend

As I wound up my 25-mile ride yesterday, it occurred to me that that was quite a ride but it was still shorter than a marathon. I really can't imagine running that far. I would like to run a marathon someday but it is a long, long way.

So the plan was to do another 25-mile ride on the same route today. After yesterday's ride, which was a bit chilly, I headed over to REI to pick up a goodie and while I was there I got a pair of gloves and some socks. I was hoping that the gloves, besides providing some palm relief and crash protection, would warm up my hands and that that would spread up to my arms (like magic). Looks like I was right. I think seeing arm warmers for $30 helped me think warm, too. Anyway, I set out this morning at 6:40, warmer than yesterday. I was feeling pretty good and I started off a bit faster than yesterday, but not too fast (I peaked on one of the downhills at 27mph--coasting, of course). The thing with having the goodie, though, is that I did some calculation and realized that I could come in under two hours for the whole ride if I just hustled a bit where I could. I did and, sure enough, came in under two hours on the same route that took me 2:20 (including picture taking) yesterday. I'm not sure that was the smartest thing to do for fat burning but it was kind of fun.

Still getting better on clipping in and I am now getting better at timing stoplights. I do wish I was much better at clipping in when doing left turns. I'm still pretty much a goof doing those. Today's lesson: I can clip out of just one pedal if that foot is going to be stepping on a curb. However, if that foot is going to be standing on flat ground, both feet have to clip out.

The plan for next weekend is to do the same thing, then do a 30/25 the following weekend.

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