Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Northeast San Fernando Valley 25-Mile Tour

I took my iPhone on my ride this morning so I could share the trip. I will be heading out on the same route tomorrow morning. Click on the little cameras to see the pictures:


Sherry said...

Hi clyde,
Admire what you are doing!
I am a working mom of a 19 month old boy, busy busy busy! However I've missed my triathelon trainings that I did before pregnancy. Recently moved to SF Valley. Do you know of any triathelon groups with formal training. I don't do well doing it all by myself. I need a group for structure and motivation.

MTS said...

Hi, Sherry.

The only groups I know of are the LA Tri Club ( and the Pasadena Tri Club ( The LA Club appears to be the better organized but seems to have quite a Westside focus. I haven't checked out the Pasadena Club but they have an intro meeting the first Thursday of each month (which is this week!) so you might want to check them out. The only Valley things I have found seem to have folded.