Monday, December 15, 2008

What Chrissie Wellington and I Have in Common

I ended up riding 54 miles this weekend instead of 50. See, my 25-mile ride on Saturday took even less time than the weekend before. Since I want to emphasize fat burning, coming in under two hours is not what I want to do. So on Sunday I took a 29-mile route. I learned a few things. First, those nice ventilated socks and shoes I wear become refrigerators in the winter (I am looking into shoe/toe covers). I learned what breaking a spoke sounds like (guy in bike shop: "You broke a spoke." Me: "So that's what that sound was.'). I learned that I should do my longer ride on Saturday instead of Sunday (I was planning on buying a new saddle in January but I don't know if my butt can wait that long), so I'm thinking I'll do a 35-mile ride on Saturday and a 25-miler on Sunday. I used a heart rate monitor for the first time and was impressed that I kept myself in zone 3 (the one that's supposed to be best for fat burning) most of the time without even looking at my heart rate until after the ride.

I watched NBC's coverage of Kona over the weekend. My favorite part was after Chrissie Wellington fixed her flat and got back on her bike, she fumbled a few times trying to clip in. The next time I do that in an intersection after a green light, I'll think of her and not feel so bad.

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